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Anthony S. Halawa’s namesake ASH photography is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and specializes in fine architectual imagery.

Anthony’s work has been regularly featured in numerous local and national publications, in architectural books and on multiple websites for a variety of clients including Real Estate Agencies, Interior Designers and Architects. Anthony brings his strong visual aesthetic, love of architecture, integrity, perfectionism and dedication to each project.

In addition to his vast architectural photography experience, Anthony’s background includes years as a Visual Effects Artist in the film industry where he utilized his photography, digital enhancement and fine art techniques on award winning major motion pictures and television productions for companies such as Dreamworks, HBO, DreamQuest Images, Touchstone Pictures and Universal Studios.

Originally from Chicago, where he received a Fine Art Degree from the American Academy of Art, Anthony’s love of photography and film soon brought him West, first to Los Angeles and then to Silicon Valley where he now resides.